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FREE with your purchase of the TalkStar. Master class that will teach you how to play the talkbox like a pro.



  • Introducing the Talkbox Masterclass, the first and only comprehensive courseĀ for learning to master the complex “talkbox” effect, made famous by Roger Troutman and Zapp, Byron Chambers aka Mr. Talkbox, Teddy Riley, Fingazz, Chromeo and many others. As an enrolled student, you will not only learn to play the talkbox, you will receive special pricing on the exclusive TalkStar talkbox instrument. You will also become a member of Talkbox World, our private community of talkbox players around the world who share your passion for this unique instrument.

1 review for Talkbox Master Class

  1. john (verified owner)

    I’ve been waiting for something like this for my whole life! I was introduced to funk like Zapp & Roger Troutman, Mr. Groove, The Meters, etc., and I’ve been trying to get that sound to be as authentic as possible over the years. In the early 90s, almost every West Coast hip hop song sampled these funk songs, and that moved to house music in the mid to late 90s. In the 2000s and 2010s, this sound is still going strong with groups like Chromeo and Bruno Mars.

    … but you can’t fake the funk! I recently bought a Behringer VC340 because it just sounds like the classic Roland vocoder. I’ve probably purchased every VSTi that claims to do vocoder or talk box sounds, and they never measure up. From the first “Scorpio” I spoke into my vocoder, I was in love, but the need for authentic talk box sounds was still missing in my life.

    Thinking about how much you love the talk box sound, and need to be a part of it? Check out the class first, and then you get an equal discount on the Talkstar itself. I’m still skimming the course for the first time, and once I realized it would be best with the actual hardware, I ordered it the same day! The class is just the right amount of info for a master class, and you won’t be overwhelmed with too much info (some basic synthesizer theory doesn’t hurt to have, but isn’t necessary). I also love the fact that it’s lifetime access, because let’s face it – this is a hobby for most of us. Fingazz presenting this course himself is so much better than some random music instructor – I feel blessed to have this opportunity!

    I highly recommend watching the fanfare and warm reception videos from talk box and funk legends on how much they love this thing. If you want to have one of the most sought-after and magical sounds that just can’t be faked, you’ve come to the right place. I’m looking forward to becoming part of the community!

    5/5, keep the funk alive!

    purpl3 t1m3

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